The very large majority of our vineyards lies on the hills located between the Reatina plain and Terminillo Massif in the hamlet of Castelfranco, at an elevation of 610 and 650 m. above sea level with a southern exposure for the late vines and a south west one for the early vines.
The terroir is very different and, depending on the areas, you can find a soil rich in clay and organic matter or a slimy soil, calcareous and rich in minerals.
Different vines have been specially planted on the basis of different soils.

The vineyards and the organic regime

In these mountain vineyards, maintained and cared for as gardens, each row expresses the deep respect for nature and the constant contact of man with the land.

Most of the processing in the vineyard is manually done, in biological regime. We therefore avoid using systemic products and herbicides.
The extraordinary slopes, the latitude, the constant and daily ventilation make it possible to keep a very low moisture content, ensuring the plant and the grapes health.

To increase the fertility of the soil we do not use chemical fertilizers but we practice green manure: we sow a mix of graminaceous and legume plants between the rows letting them flower.
Thus we bring nourishment to the soil and favour the presence of bees and ladybirds acting respectively as pollinators and parasites antagonists.

Excellence is thus realized in every step of the production from the vineyard to the table.


The peaks of Terminillo Massif protect our vineyards from the northern cold winds while southwards the territory opens up to the Mediterranean influences coming to settle in the Reatina plain where the ancient “Lacus Velinus” once lay. These orographic characteristics make Rieti the Italian town with the highest temperature range between day and night giving the clusters a wide variety of aromas.